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Many people with large gardens will tell you that the best thing about having a wonderful huge garden is the work they put into keeping it nice.

This is very true. Maintaining a garden is not just a very rewarding way to spend your time, it also a great form of gentle exercise particularly for the elderly and has been proven to keep the mind sharp and focussed. Maintaining a garden however is not simply about struggling on your hands and knees pulling up weeds and hacking at knotweed every other day with a shovel.

Gardens should provide a good balance between productive and enjoyable work, functionality and most importantly pleasure.

Undoubtedly people keep gardens for different reasons and you are likely to have your own in mind. Each different reason provides you with a different set of necessary tasks and different levels of commitment but should always result in a similar sense of accomplishment and enjoyment.

The more committed gardener might well be fond of the idea of growing their own vegetables. There are many good reasons for growing your own vegetables, not only will you have the safe knowledge of where your food comes from but also the chemicals and fertiliser that has been used in it’s production.

People who grow their own vegetables are far less likely to employ the use of heavy and potentially harmful pesticides. As rewarding as all of this might be it is one of the most labour intensive ways of enjoying your garden and a good knowledge of seeds, pests and life cycle of various plants is important. A sound basic knowledge of chemistry with regards to the various soil ph requirements of your chosen produce will also help.

Fruit is an increasingly popular choice these days as various fruit plants have been crossbred to survive our temperate climate. Polytunnels are an effective way of helping you control the temperature necessary for fruit such as tomatoes which will not survive the lightest of frosts.

They are also effective at keeping pests such as foxes and badgers away from the fruit of your work. They need not be industrial sized tunnels as there are smaller models available but they do vary in quality and price so do some homework, the First Tunnels purchased after some thought and research will be far better than a blind guess.

You need not feel that you have to grow things to eat them. A similar level of work could provide you with a far more attractive garden if you choose the correct plants. Plants should be considered after establishing the time of the year they need to be planted, the time of year they are expected to bloom if they are flowering and the amount of direct sunshine they are likely to enjoy.

A low maintenance way to enjoy a garden is to have a patio fitted. It can be initially expensive to have laid but should provide you with a very smart and easy to upkeep space to entertain guests and perhaps enjoy a barbeque.



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