Health Matters: Achievement part 4

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By Evolved Hearts and Minds | Tuesday, December 17, 2013, 18:13

This instalment of Health Matters is Achievement.  It might be useful to read through the other parts for better understanding and continuity beforehand.

Achievement enables us to feel good about ourselves, it doesn't matter how small or big the achievement or whether it is perceived as such to others or just ourselves.  However, unfortunately achievement tends to be only recognised as such, if it is at all, when perceived by others that it is achievement.  Therefore, it needs to fulfil a certain criteria of condition to meet the achievement standard of what is an achievement.  Yes, I agree that there are certain accomplishments that will have a universal appreciation of its merit, however, such attainments are not the only form of achievements and if we only take such grandiose accomplishments as worthwhile then we will not be able to see, value and recognise the worth of our equal, smaller scale, achievements personal to us and those who know us and those we touch.

So, we need to value any form of achievement, whether big on an international global level or small on a personal individual level.  Irrespective of whether it is viewed an achievement or not, you don't have to look to others, whether friend, family, partner, community, society to determine what is an achievement for you.  You are the best person to decide that for yourself because one person's personal achievement could mean something different to another.  For instance we are at different stages of our life and experience, from different backgrounds, with different challenges and different understanding according to what we are here to achieve.  Therefore, we are given what we need, so our abilities will be different according to its mix, taking into account all the variables, we cannot possibly expect to compare our self to others, but we do and is encouraged to do so in a competitive society.

So you need to own your achievements for yourself and if others recognise them as well then that is a bonus, but it is not dependant upon their recognition.  If you make it so, then they will be the one to determine what the achievement is for you at their standard not yours.  It needs to come from your standard for you.  So, if it is taking the time to enjoy a stroll in the winter sun instead of jumping in the car then that's your achievement.  If it is giving yourself a break and jump in the car to the local shops then that's an achievement for you too.

You might have noticed that the two different scenarios contradict each other in the use of the car.  That's because there is no right or wrong standard, we decide that for ourself, both the situations are equally acceptable according to their context.  For one, the difference is not using the car, but to enjoy a walk, while the other is to use the car for a change, so they are both doing something different for them, therefore is an achievement for them.  Though, it is not necessary to be doing something different to feel you've achieved.

The achievement is not because I say so, but because they consider it so, for them, in view of their usual habit rather than an external condition.  For instance, using the car locally could be frowned upon in view of climatic conditions, thus deemed irresponsible.  On the other hand, walking could be approved of from an external standard, thus one would not be considered an achievement when the other would.  However, what's not taken into consideration is the fact that the person who used the car beats themself up incessantly about doing the 'right' thing and usually walk or takes public transport unless inaccessible.  So form their perspective, they were learning to be easier on and kind to themself and not be so extreme in their behaviour, thus an achievement regardless what any one else says.

I hope that those two examples enable you to better acknowledge your own achievements in their own right, whether or not it is recognised as such by others, however small they may be.  It is the smaller achievements that accumulate into larger ones driven by their esteem.  So esteem yourself and appreciate those many achievements you've never really recognised as such, perhaps out of humility, as we're not very good, generally, of singing our praises and patting ourselves on the back.  It is not vanity to do so, but insanity not to do so.  Humility is about having an accurate sense of ourself, in other words, balance, not to over inflate ourself and not to under inflate ourself either, but to moderate ourself.

There will be many opportunities to acknowledge our achievements this festive season in the preparations with family and friends, so remember to recognise what you've done regardless if it is nothing new for you.  Value what you've done, as you would of anyone else, don't be stingy in your praise, heap it on and enjoy the esteem for health.

Happy achievements,

Sula-May Maggdelana

Enabler of health and wholeness

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