Creating a Functional Warehouse

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There are various businesses that rely on the humble warehouse. Whether you're importing or exporting, the storage needs of a warehouse come with many needs. Understanding and meeting these is not only important, but it’s one of the areas in which you can improve your warehouse, ultimately resulting in increased productivity.

To this end, here are a number of factors that any warehouse should have. Whether it’s the right storage options, lifting equipment or layout, any combination of these will give you both a functional and working warehouse.


Depending on what you're storing, you may have some options in terms of storage. Having the right shelves that match the size of your products is essential. Too big, and you end up with a cumulative amount of wasted space.

Likewise, the dimension of the building itself might also offer more possibilities. If you have a rather tall warehouse, there may be a lot of unused storage options at the top. This, preferably, should be used for products that aren’t needed often, due to being stored in the most difficult to reach areas. Still, it’s a usable area if you find yourself running short on space.

Lifting Equipment

Most warehouses often contain stock of various sizes and weights. As such, the right equipment is needed to move these around. This isn't just for practical options either; any staff working with you need to be safe handling such stock.

To this end, you should look at your options for such equipment. Weightless handling equipment exists to help your staff lift heavier objects. Perfect for when you need something loaded onto a pallet, truck or other mobile platform.

Likewise, electric hoists can make moving the heaviest of stock. In short, the principle is to make the work as light as possible for your staff. With the correct equipment, this not only keeps within health and safety guidelines, it also makes things more productive. If you're staff aren't exhausting themselves lifting your stock, they usually have the energy to get through a bigger amount a lot faster.

Floor Layout

Combing both your storage options and your equipment should help you decide on the most effective layout. Put simply, you want to make the most out of your space, whilst also making the most practical set up.

For instance, if you have extensive lifting equipment, it makes sense that this is kept near the stock. Any storage option that isn't near a usable lift, for instance, might be stuck on the shelf. Additionally, you should keep in mind that any equipment needs to be able to get in and out of where it needs to go. This means keeping space open for fork lift trucks and pallet drivers. Without this, you're factory floor will often grind to a halt as very little stock will be able to leave or enter the facility.

In conclusion, whether its storage options, a decent floor plan or reliable lifting equipment, it can be quite simple to organise an effective warehouse.



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